You've got William Schaff the artist confused with Will Sheff the lead singer of Okkervil River. For a clearer explanation of the two you are encouraged to check out THIS YouTube video and/or THIS one. And, please, don't beat yourself up about this one. It happens.

Commissioning an original work from me isn't nearly as difficult as some people first think. It's an easy process and is something I enjoy doing. EMAIL me and include your contact info and an idea of what you had in mind. I will send you a list of terms with a general description of how I work. If you agree to those terms we'll discuss the specifics from there.

It's always an honor when people respond to my work in such a way that makes them want to have it tattooed on them. In the past there are people who commission me to do an original work that they'll have tattooed. There are plenty of others who use existing work I've done that they'll have tattooed. I am humbled to be a part of something that holds such a huge personal importance as a tattoo and I thank all of the people who have done that already.

All I ask that you send me a photograph or two of the finished piece. I'd also love to share them if that's okay with you and if it is then please include whatever info for you as well as the tattooist and shop. I'll post those images HERE.

I don't always wear a mask, but to see my ugly mug, you have to meet me in person. I don't want my face on the internet, or on video, mostly because my face has nothing to do with my artwork, and I feel knowing what I -- or any other artist -- looks like is distracting from the work. Focus on the art, not my face!

I most certainly do. But international shipping is not inexpensive, so please be aware of that when making your purchases. I don't add handling charges or other costs and you'll only be responsible for the actual shipping costs.

Schaff lives ...and works in a house, but does not own it outright and, due to unsteady income, has been unable to consistently make payments. As a result, the house has been in foreclosure multiple times and has been nicknamed "Fort Foreclosure" by Schaff and its other residents.

Welcome to Fort Foreclosure

Fort Foreclosure News & Press

The Bay Magazine

That's Not Incredible! - A tiny podcast recorded live at Fort Foreclosure

Rhode Island Monthly

Providence Journal

Books that write about or include my art:

  • ...
    From Blacksheep Boys to Bill Collectors: The Music-Related Artwork of William Schaff

    Graveface Records, 2012

    We take you from the old school mixtape covers Schaff would create when he was young to his work for such artists as Okkervil River, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Monster Movie, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Kid Dakota, Songs: Ohia and many more.


  • ...
    The William Schaff Gallery of Art

    William Schaff, 2016

    A collection of 23 black and white prints from William Schaff's original art. All suitable for framing.


  • ...
    Dead In Disemboque: Historias De Amor Y Sangre!

    Eddy Arellano (Author), William Schaff (Illustrator), 2010

    Inspired by kitschy Mexican "historietas" (pocket-sized comic books), Roberto presents an English-language version featuring his alter-ego, Eddy Arellano. When a dama named Juanita calls him down to Sonora, Eddy crosses the Rio Bravo and never looks back. Soon he's embroiled in a complex, comic drama featuring a memorable gallery of quirky characters.


  • ...
    Don Dimaio of La Plata

    Robert Arellano (Author), William Schaff (Illustrator), 2004

    In 2002, real-life mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, Vincent "Buddy" Cianci was convicted of extortion. This is the story of Don "Pally" Dimaio, mayor of La Plata, as his corrupt administration spirals out of control. The novel toggles between satiric adaptations of the language of Cervantes and a narrative of an American mayor's quixotic -decline.


  • ...
    Indie Craft

    Jo Waterhouse, 2010

    This book showcases the new wave of cool craftingquirky, cutting-edge, craft-based artwork, often called Indie Craft or D.I.Y. craft. Using traditional methods such as embroidery, crochet, knitting, cross stitch, tapestry, needle felt, and plush toy making, the Indie Crafters create work that is contemporary, controversial, kitsch, ironic, humorous, and blurs the lines between art and craft.


  • ...
    PUSH Stitchery

    Jamie Chalmers, 2011

    Curated by Jamie Chalmers--aka Mr. X Stitch, a leading figure in the "new embroidery movement"--PUSH Stitchery profiles the cutting-edge creative work of 30 top stitching artists from around the world. Each designer is showcased with six to eight pages of gallery-style imagery.


  • ...
    War, Literature & the Arts

    Donald Anderson (ed), Volume 11, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1999

    Ashes: Art Inspired by the Holocaust

    A Conversation with William Schaff